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Brand creation

Creating a brand from scratch is one of the most rewarding parts of our job at Craft Instinct. Starting out with our Brand Discovery workshop, we worked with the crew at Hargreaves Hill Brewing Co to create a new  stand alone brand that would be released in soley cans, be appealing to a young, adventurous audience and be and absolute show stopper on the shelf. It was quite the journey from start to finish, and the end result is one of our proudest yet.

brand creation

The core definition of a brand is simply a promise to customers, in the creation of the Sanctus Brewing Co brand, their promise was their outstanding quality of beer. To communicate this promise, we came up with the idea of the the 'holy grail'. The name 'Sanctus' has religious ties, and the tagline 'Brewed in God's Country' plays on this theme too. We decided to explore the ancient quest to find the holy grail, which is much like a beer lovers quest to find the holy grail of beers. Beer is to be worshipped, and this is the underlying message in this concept. It was also important for Sanctus to have visual ties to 'God's Country', their local surrounds, the icons within the checkered area of the can labels all represent different aspects and sometimes physical locations within the Clarence Valley. 

Brand Creation

The two Adams from Adam’s Whiskey Distillery in Tasmania got in touch when they decided to try their hand in craft brewing with a new venture ‘Grand Angus Brewing’. The Adam’s had a concept, a skull, and as they were releasing two beers to launch, a stout and a pale ale, we decided to explore the relationship a theme of dark vs light. We created the logo, illustrations and label designs for this project, but were also involved in the naming of the SKUs. Utilising the pack, the design came to life. The skull needed to be flexible enough to work over many different releases, with different themes, so a ‘candy skull’ concept was chosen. The shape of the skull, and consistent placement throughout the releases creates a strong, easily recognisable brand, that pops from the shelf.

Brand Refresh

Hargreaves Hill is a well respected brewery from the Yarra Valley. Established in 2004, by Australian standards they were one of the early birds to the craft beer scene.  They have always projected a refined & traditional brand reflecting the surrounding winery aesthetic in the Yarra Valley.  The crowded market place calls for shelf poppers, so a rebrand was needed. The challenge was to achieve the ‘pop’, while maintaining their traditional, refined look and feel.

After diving in deep, we solidified a vision, mission, target market and also uncovered a set of values that included 'Classic Mastery'.  We used this value to base our visual communication of off. This, coupled with our identified target market's taste we created a refreshed look to re-brand Hargreaves Hill to help them achieve their vision and mission.

Sub-brand Creation

Blackman’s Brewery launched a new sub-brand specialising in Barrel Aged, Sour and Farmhouse Ales with a focus on ingredients local to the brewery.

The audience for these beers are a bit further along their beer journey than Blackman’s usual drinkers, so a new brand with it’s own look and feel was created to target this market.

We created a brand whose visuals explore the natural landscape of the local area, using a theme of ‘Journey’ througout every brand touchpoint.

brand creation

Two local Bondi musicians realised a big dream of theirs in 2018, they started their own brewing company. Their deep ties to the Bondi community, the good times and epic sunsets from the ‘Grassy Knoll’ in North Bondi inspired both the name and the flavours that the beers take on. After completing our Brand Discovery workshop, we could focus on communicating the very essence of what the lads wanted to achieve. Using the art deco architecture of Bondi as visual inspiration, the Craft Instinct pack collaborated on the visual execution of the brand and label. With their first batch of Session Ale selling out within the first month, watch this space for more Grassy Knoll releases throughout 2019.

Some of our work

GABS hottest 100 aussie craft beers infographic
alice springs brewing co brand creation
Ocean Reach Packaging and POS
hargreaves hill cocktail series
crafty cabal video
crafty pint rebrand
hawthorn brewing co new world lager
Hargreaves Hill Seasonal Releases

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Craft instinct is a network of skilled freelance partners who share common values and a passion for our work. We can be assembled at anytime to work on a range of projects. Our offices are virtual, which means our fees are based purely our service (not penthouse office space!).

The Craft Instinct pack is lead by creator Jessie Jungalwalla, who assembles the project team by matching the target outcomes to specific skill sets.

The craft beverage industry has unique needs, challenges and opportunities; Craft Instinct was specifically designed to service these. Our creations are born from a wealth of design and branding experience, knowledge of product, understanding of brewery/distillery business operations and a deep passion for craft beer & spirits.

why we do what we do

The craft beverage industry is more like a community. Competitors help each other out, if someone makes a great product, everyone is stoked, because we all get to enjoy it. It encourages a 'quality, not quantity' attitude to drinking. It is full of colourful characters, it's art meets science and it is fiercely independent. Its an industry you can fall in love with, and want to be a part of.

While so much blood sweat and tears are poured into production of beer and spirits, we all know that if people don't see it, they won't buy it. To sell in this increasingly crowded marketplace is a challenge. You cannot compromise on design, as in doing so you let all your hard work go to waste. We want to see every brilliant beer and spirit visually shine to reflect their offering, and in being a part of that, Craft Instinct shines too.

Meet The Pack

jessie jungalwalla pack leader

Jessie specialises in brand development & strategy, and has skill sets in graphic design, stop animation, illustration and web design. Her work ethic is driven by values and integrity, and she strives to work amongst others who share the same ideals.

adam collins graphic design

Adam is pretty badass. From designing rock posters for Queens of the Stone Age to delicate art deco landscapes, his imagination matches his skill and we love seeing his beautiful ideas bought to life.

dan thornbury web developer

Daniel loves putting together intuitive solutions for big problems in the form of a website. He's the "full stack", which means he can work on everything from conception to delivery but also loves working with other designers to bring their creations to life on the interwebs.

post project videography

Working as 'The Post Project', Al and Pete create meaningful video, that get attention and results. With an impressive collection of gear, these guys shoot, direct, produce, animate and even do voice overs. These two can create spectacular content, with a lot of laughs along the way.

stephen doan illustrator

Stephen is an illustrator and tattoo artist. He specialises in real to life portraits, and of course, tattoos. He has featured in a number of exhibitions as well as holding two of his own, working with clients all around the globe

tim marriage photography

Timbo is a cracking photographer. Whether it is product or lifestyle, he has the eye, the tools and the intuition to produce breathtaking imagery.

MARIELLA MEJIA social media

Mariella Mejia's specialty is using social media to create connections between businesses and customers. Mariella will craft a campaign with a passion and diligence that will have your brand bouncing on the socials.

Zoe Ottaway marketing

Zoe Ottaway is one half of Totem Marketing, a brand and communications agency dedicated to independent small producers. Zoe is passionate about helping Australian small producers grow marketing strategies built around purpose, profits and people.

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