Expertise comes from seeing something over and over and recognising patterns, actions and solutions very quickly.

We follow a staged approach with each branding process that results in targeted solutions, executed efficiently.

Our Process

Setting Your Brand Foundation

We explore your vision, values, story, target market and more. Compiled into a comprehensive written document, this forms the foundation of a brand. A vital first step to creating or rebranding a strong, unique and genuine brand that aligns with who you are and your market. If your are an existing brand, here we would also audit your existing brand (think of this as a brand health check) and conduct a shelf audit in which we analyse how your product performs in the fridge alongside other brands.

Mood Boards

Let's get visually aligned. Describing a visual verbally can be tricky, and leaves too much room for guess work. This is why we use mood boards to help in discussing the style of aesthetic for your brand. They provide a clear design direction to pursue, and help us understand your vision for the design, ultimately aiding the efficiency in the design process.

Brand System Design

Using the brand foundation and moodboards as our guides, we will design your brand in a way that communicates the essence of the business, stands out amongst the crowd, as well as work harmoniously with a wide variety of applications. We usually design a brand system through a logo and/or packaging design. We protect the use of this brand through a comprehensive brand style guide.

Brand Application

We now have a new brand system for your business, time to apply it to all the items you will need to get the liquid on the people’s lips. This is where we create further packaging, tap decals, merchandise, signage, stationary, websites, social media and the list goes on and on depending on your needs.

Launch time

Launching your brand, or rebrand is a very exciting time, and a great marketing opportunity. We can help with a marketing plan, strategy and activations to get you the attention your new look deserves.

Not quite ready for the full branding process, but could use a hand on your brand?

We offer brand consulting on its own as well. Perhaps you want to test the waters, and start off with just a brand foundation workshop. Perhaps you already have a designer, but need help with the strategy side of your brand. Or maybe you need to figure out how a sub-brand of RTDs is going to fit with your current branding. For all these reasons and more, we can help.

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