Meet The Pack

jessie jungalwalla pack leader

Jessie specialises in brand development & strategy, and has skill sets in graphic design, stop animation, illustration and web design. Her work ethic is driven by values and integrity, and she strives to work amongst others who share the same ideals.

adam collins graphic design

Adam is pretty badass. From designing rock posters for Queens of the Stone Age to delicate art deco landscapes, his imagination matches his skill and we love seeing his beautiful ideas bought to life.

dan thornbury web developer

Daniel loves putting together intuitive solutions for big problems in the form of a website. He's the "full stack", which means he can work on everything from conception to delivery but also loves working with other designers to bring their creations to life on the interwebs.

post project videography

Working as 'The Post Project', Al and Pete create meaningful video, that get attention and results. With an impressive collection of gear, these guys shoot, direct, produce, animate and even do voice overs. These two can create spectacular content, with a lot of laughs along the way.

stephen doan illustrator

Stephen is an illustrator and tattoo artist. He specialises in real to life portraits, and of course, tattoos. He has featured in a number of exhibitions as well as holding two of his own, working with clients all around the globe

tim marriage photography

Timbo is a cracking photographer. Whether it is product or lifestyle, he has the eye, the tools and the intuition to produce breathtaking imagery.

MARIELLA MEJIA social media

Mariella Mejia's specialty is using social media to create connections between businesses and customers. Mariella will craft a campaign with a passion and diligence that will have your brand bouncing on the socials.

Zoe Ottaway marketing

Zoe Ottaway is one half of Totem Marketing, a brand and communications agency dedicated to independent small producers. Zoe is passionate about helping Australian small producers grow marketing strategies built around purpose, profits and people.